Thursday, January 24, 2008

Angel Shark

This is a family of flat bottom dwelling sharks that consists of 18 species that are very much alike. They look a lot like rays, and skates, except their pectoral fins are not fastened to the head, and their five-gill slits are on the side of the head not the bottom. The mouth is full of small sharp teeth, and is on the end of their snout. The eyes, and spiracles are on top of the head. The largest angel shark ever recorded was 6.5 feet, but they are usually five feet or smaller. The sharks are reddish brown, or sand gray, with white bellies and some have dark brown speckles and splotches.
HABITAT & RANGE: Live along temperate costs all over the world. Some live in shallower water while others can be found more then 4,265 feet deep.
HUNTING HABITS: Angel sharks burrow in the sand during the day and hunt using ambush. Angel sharks eat crabs, fish, squid, and snails.
REPRODUCTION: Ovoviviparous (eggs retained in females body until they hath). Both sexes are mature at around three-feet. The shark's pups are twelve inches at birth. Litters rang from eight to fourteen pups.
DANGER TO MAN: They are only a threat if caught in nets, harassed, or stepped on.